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The purpose of Boy Scouting is to develop in a young man the ability to do things for himself and for others, to train him in outdoor skills, and to teach him patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues. (BSA 18-629WB)

The Manatee District Roundtables are held the first Thursday of each month (Sept-Jun) at:

The Salvation Army
5328 24th St. E., Bradenton
7:00 p.m.

View the Manatee District and SWFL Calendar for upcoming events, training opportunities, etc.

Southwest Florida Council Website

February 4 - Join us at Roundtable Tonight!

Roundtable is TONIGHT at 7pm at The Salvation Army (5328 24th St. E., Bradenton). Get there early to network with other Scouters from around the District. The Big Rock topic for tonight is Youth Protection and Bullying. If you have not been to Roundtable in a while, or if you are a new Scouter and want to see what all the buzz is about, we would love to see you tonight.

Roundtable is an adult only opportunity to learn more about scouting in Manatee County. It is also the opportunity to meet and network with fellow Scouters. Officially, Roundtable starts at 7:00 pm, with a general session following at 7:45 pm, with separate break outs for Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.

February 3 - Scouting For Food

To all Scouters:

Scouting for Food is an annual National service project designed to help feed those most in need in our communities. Because this time of the year is when our food bank's (Meals on Wheels) reserves are at its lowest and the needs are highest, we set our project to occur in February. This year is especially necessary because of the weather extremes the country has been experiencing due to El Niño.

Just like last year, Southwest Florida Council is supplying door hangers rather than bags to make the public aware of our food drive. The hangers are much easier (and faster) to distribute than tying plastic bags on door knobs. It is also much more environmentally friendly. These hangers are scheduled to be distributed throughout an area selected by your unit on Saturday, February 20. Each hanger has a description of acceptable food items and instructions for placing them in a bag or other container and placing them outside for Scouts to retrieve on the morning of Saturday, February 27. Collected items will be weighed in upon arrival and the boys will have an opportunity to assist with the sorting process. In appreciation, Meals on Wheels will be providing hot dogs, snacks, and beverages. The drop-off time is between 10 am and 1 pm.

I encourage EVERY unit to participate in this very worthy cause. Meals on Wheels services the elderly, shut-ins, the homeless, and families that are disadvantaged and disenfranchised. Once someone from your unit has posted the service hours for distribution/collection/delivery using the online Good Turn for America site, it will be qualified to receive Scouting for Food patches (one per participating youth/adult).

Several units signed up to participate during the January Roundtable, however, I am still waiting to hear back from several others including: Pack 10, Pack 22, Pack and Troop 41, Pack 46, Pack 108, Pack and Troop 111, Pack and Troop 125, Pack 126, Pack and Troop 181, Troop 68, Troop 89, and Troop 191.

It is necessary to know in advance which units will be participating in order to have enough door hangers on hand at the February Roundtable.

If your unit will be participating, but using another means to collect foodstuffs such as setting up outside of Public or collecting from your chartered partner, I need to know that, as well.

In Service,
Mac Aldrich,
Scouting for Food coordinator - Manatee District

February 2 - River Rescue Thanks


I received the following message from Cheryl Boeglin (Pack 76) and she asked me to share it with everyone.

"Hi Mac, Cheryl here. Have a favor to ask. I was speaking with a family member of the Father and Son who were rescued on the river while Camporee was going on and she asked me to thank all the scouts that assisted in the rescue. A big thanks to the ones who jumped in and pulled them out and gave first aid, as well as the camp nurse that attended her loved ones. Just FYI the Dad is physically ok the boy is still in critical but is responding and they are very hopeful.

If you could send this info out for me I would be grateful."

A big THANK YOU! to Caleb Savage (T100) and Nathan Sisk (T77) from Two Rivers district along with our own nurse Nina Pascoe for responding to this emergency situation. This is just one of the reasons more youth should be involved in the scouting program. A debt of gratitude is also owed to those who made the emergency responders aware of the incident.

Should an update on the boy’s condition be made available, I will share it with you.

See you at Roundtable this Thursday evening.

Mac Aldrich

Read the Bradenton Herald article here.

February 2 - URGENT: Bradenton Riverwalk Regatta volunteer(s) needed

I am making another plea for help this coming Saturday to help man a booth during the Bradenton Riverwalk Boat Regatta. Normally, I wouldn't hesitate to step up to volunteer for this event, however, I have a previously arranged babysitting engagement for that weekend and family comes first.

I have no problem with setting up the booth Friday evening and tearing it down following the fireworks show Saturday night, but I cannot be there during the day.

A great suggestion was made that a rain gutter regatta be set up for kids to race and there will be information about all of the available units, Boy’s Life mini-magazines, youth and adult applications, and other promotional material.

If anyone has a rain gutter regatta setup and wouldn’t mind loaning it out or bringing it with them, that would be great. If not, I will just print up some nautical-themed coloring sheets and provide markers/crayons.

The idea behind the booth is to continue to market the scouting program and as we had much better success this year at the county fair, it is hoped that we can keep the momentum going.

Please contact me as soon as possible, if you think you might be able to assist with this. I would really appreciate it and will help out the best that I can within limitations.

Thank you,
Mac Aldrich
(941) 773-9647

January 29 - Railroading Merit Badge to be offered February 27

On Saturday, February 27th a unique merit badge opportunity is being offered by RealRail Model Railroading, a model railroading enthusiasts organization headquartered at 6804 14th St. W. in Bradenton.

The event (click here for flyer) will be held at the Bradenton Area Convention Center (formerly the Manatee Civic Center) located at the north end of the DeSoto Bridge in Palmetto, 9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The event organizers are offering Boy Scouts the opportunity to earn the RAILROADING merit badge. Participation is FREE and all the boy has to do is bring an approved merit badge blue card with him.

YOU are being asked to:

  1. share the event information with the boys in your unit and get a head-count of those interested.
  2. contact Mr. John Newman (jjnew@gmail.com) (941) 727-6141 no later than February 2nd to let him know how many boys may be attending.
  3. provide adult chaperon(s) for the event.

Note, however, that this event also occurs on the Scouting for Food delivery day at Meals on Wheels, so plan accordingly to make sure that you have enough boys to complete your community service that day. And even for those who don’t need the merit badge, the event would be a good follow-up activity to explore the world of model railroading.

Cubmasters/Den Leaders:
While there is no direct advancement requirement for Cubs or Webelos regarding railroading, this event could also be a great thing to do as a reward for participation in Scouting for Food. After you and the boys have dropped off your collection of canned goods at Meals on Wheels and enjoyed hot dogs, chips, and a beverage provided by Meals on Wheels, it might be fun to head on over to the Convention Center to check out all of the model railroad displays.

Yours in Scouting,
Mac Aldrich,
Program Chair - Manatee District Boy Scouts

January 28 - Arthur M. & Berna King Eagle Scout Scholarship

The Saramana chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution offers a scholarship opportunity to Eagle Scouts each year.

The chapter offers a $1,000 scholarship for the chapter winner and there is a state and national competition as well for up to $8,000 in scholarship funds.

While application for 2015 has passed (there was no winner, as no applications were made), there is still time for 2016. And it doesn't have to be a boy who earns the rank this year. As long as the Eagle Scout does not turn 19 before Dec. 31, 2016, he is still eligible to apply.

Please share the following link with those boys and parents whom you think would have most to gain from this recognition and don’t forget to let Red Dog and/or Judge Gilbert Smith know when your Eagle Courts are held, if you would like either or both of them to attend and to help recognize the boys’ accomplishments.

Here is the link: http://saramanasar.org/Eagle_Scout.html

Yours in Scouting,
Mac Aldrich

January 22 - Register for the 2017 Sea Base Lottery



How to Register for the 2017 Sea Base Lottery

The 2017 Sea Base Lottery registration opens at midnight (EST) on January, 14, 2016 & closes at 8:00 a.m. (EST) on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 and is hosted at www.bsaseabase.org.

To access the Sea Base Lottery registration form, you will need your My.Scouting username & password, unit type, unit number & unit ID.

If you do not have a My.Scouting account, please go to My.Scouting.org and follow the directions to create an account.

If you do not know your Unit ID please contact either your local council or the BSA Member Care Contact Center at 972-580-2489.

Each unit may enter the lottery once.


The My.Scouting account must be linked to the current BSA membership number of the person completing the form.

Remember: Each unit may only enter the lottery once.

You may select up to 5 adventures and as many dates per adventure as you'd like.

We look forward to serving you in 2017!--- Sea Base Reservations





2017 PROGRAMS Bahamas Sea Base Bahamas Adventure 6-8 Bahamas Adventure 10-12 Bahamas Adventure 18-20

Brinton Center

Keys Adventure 6-8

Fishing Adventure 6-8

Out Island Adventure 6-8

Florida Sea Base Sailing Coral Reef Sailing 6-8

Sea Exploring 18-20

STEM ECO Adventure 10-12

Florida Sea Base Scuba Scuba Adventure 6-8

Scuba Certification 6-8 Scuba Live Aboard 10-12

Sea Base ST. Thomas

ST. Thomas Adventure 6- 8





Florida Sea Base, BSA

73800 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, Florida 33036


2017 Sea Base Lottery January 15 - February 15



January 21 - MALT 2016

Attention all Scouters in Manatee and Two Rivers Districts,

Below are links to two documents pertaining to the Manatee District MALT (Manatee Adult Leader Training).

Here is a flyer giving information as to the classes that will be presented, costs, and other general information relating to registration.

Here is a schedule of the classes that will be taught along with the times and locations.

All units should insure that these documents are duplicated and distributed to all adult members of their respective units. It is required that all who plan to attend MALT (to include staff) register with SWFC, once registration is made available.

In addition to registering with Council we are asking that everyone participating in MALT 2016 (participants and staff) make known to the MALT staff their intention. This is necessary so that logistical planning can take place (handouts, training aids, food, instructor support). To assist in this effort, at the January 7 Roundtable a sign up sheet was be available at both Cub and Boy Scout breakouts so that individuals could begin to sign up for those classes they wish to attend.

If you have any questions you can address them with either our District training, Geoff Ashman (lcplashman@gmail.com), or to the MALT Coordinator, Red Dog (reddogsix@tampabay.rr.com).

Red Dog
Scout Mentor
Take some boys camping and let Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water forge them a more moral compass

January 11 - Why Wood Badge?

Why not start out the New Year with a resolution that you can keep?

Need a New Year Resolution? Losing weight, going to the gym, and eating better all are good resolutions, but attend Wood Badge as your resolution and keep the benefits for a lifetime! The deadline is closing in and spots are filling up!

What does it include?

Your deluxe six-day, all-inclusive Wood Badge experience comes with decades of Scouting knowledge, a skilled and helpful staff and a guided tour through the entire Scouting program from Tiger Cubs to Venturing. And the price? Less than a single night costs at that fancy resort with the pool.

Wood Badge is expertly designed to stress you out, tie you in knots and take you on the same emotional roller coaster we put our Scouts on as they advance in the program.

In other words, you might not leave Wood Badge feeling relaxed, but you’re guaranteed to be recharged and ready to tackle any problem your Scouts throw your way. And it just might be the most fun you’ll ever have as a Scout leader.

The Patrol Method, devised by Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell, organizes Scouts into small groups. But when’s the last time you actually worked in a patrol-like group yourself? At your day job, perhaps, or in your own troop all those years ago?

At Wood Badge, participants join patrols of complete strangers, and everyone gets a turn as patrol leader. At first, the process feels forced: You will spend 24 hours a day with these people you just met, and you will like it. But by Day Three or Four, you realize the bonds formed with these Scouters won’t end when the course does.

What do previous attendees say?

This is a great course to help all Scouters both volunteer and professional to learn leadership skills. I have taken many corporate training courses over the years and none of them come close to being this good. I recommend taking Wood Badge for any adult in Scouting. Just take it, you will be thrilled that you did.

I had the pleasure of attending Wood Badge in the Bobwhite Patrol, without a doubt it was the best training I have attended in my nearly 15 years in Scouting at that time. Saying a leader comes out of the course recharged is an understatement, a leader comes out a new and motivated Scouter! Not only did I have a good time, I made new lifelong friends, not only from my patrol, but from the entire troop. The course is worth every penny and more, if someone has the opportunity to go, by all means make it happen, you will never forget it.

I feel everyone needs to go to Wood badge. If you are new to Scouting or a lifer. The skills I have learned have been useful in my church life and as a parent volunteer in the PTA. I have the great opportunity to staffing this coming fall for the third time and each time I enjoy myself and learn more. Thank you for Wood Badge.

I encourage each of you to either attend or make attendance possible this year for a Scouter! Our team has been working hard to ensure you will receive the best course for your investment of time and money. I would argue that it is the best investment you can make for your scouts and your life! Click on the link below and make this a year you remember!


Your Scoutmaster,
Mr. Moore

Do you need any more reasons? Check out this excellent article from Bryan on Scouting: Why take Wood Badge? 25 Scouters state their case

December 30 - Coed Venture Crew 1995


My name is Russell Rozensky, and I am the founding President of Coed Venture Crew 1995 residing in Manatee County. I would like to invite you all to the next meeting which will be on January 3rd at 6:00 PM at the Bradenton AMF Lanes.

We are sponsored by Rotary International, and currently we are looking for more members. We have not yet decided what direction we will go, nor have we decided how often or on what nights to meet. That is going to be decided this next meeting.

To be in a Venture Crew, youth must be either the age of 14, or 13 and must have completed the 8th grade.

Thank you, and I hope to see some of you at the next meeting.

December 30 - Project WILD Workshop

Hello Scout Leader – Manatee County Extension Office is offering a new workshop, just click on the image below for details on how it applies to scout leaders and volunteers. It is an excellent way for the leaders to learn new activities on animals and habitats and teach the boys new ideas about the environment. The training has a workbook of 112 activities. Thanks so much.

Lisa A. Hickey
Urban Horticulture Extension Agent, Manatee County University of
Florida IFAS Extension Manatee County Government
1303 17th Street West | Palmetto, FL 34221
Phone: (941) 722-4524 ext. 261
Fax: (941) 721-6608
Email: lisa.hickey@ufl.edu
Web: manatee.ifas.ufl.edu

December 20 - Mason 'Mac' Aldrich To Reach 100 Gallon Donor Milestone

(Bradenton, FL December 17, 2015)  Fifth generation Manatee county resident Mason ‘Mac’ Aldrich began donating blood when he attended the University of Florida(UF) in the early 1970’s and has been saving lives ever since. At his next platelet donation he will achieve his 100 gallon donor milestone.

Mac Aldrich’s 100 Gallon Donor Milestone Celebration
Monday, December 21, 2015
8 a.m. donations begin
Recognition @10 a.m.

At OneBlood’s Bradenton Donor Center
216 Manatee Ave. East
Bradenton, FL 34208

After his UF graduation, Mac returned home to Bradenton and taught Middle School for 25 years and then worked out of the District Office teaching technology use to teachers for another 13 years, before retiring in 2014.  In 1983, he became a volunteer Boy Scout Leader in Troop 64 and has served in many scouting positions ever since. Along the scouting trail Mac also organized Boy Scout blood drives to encourage scouts and other adult leaders to join him in this vital public service.  Together, they have saved thousands of lives and families!

Generally healthy people age 16 or older who weigh at least 110 pounds can donate blood. All donors receive a wellness checkup including blood pressure, temperature, iron count, pulse and cholesterol screening. To learn more about the importance of blood donation and how donors can target the power of their blood type visit oneblood.org or call 1.888.9DONATE (1.888.936.6283)

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion. Blood that is donated today will likely be transfused into a patient within two to three days.  The turn-around is that fast, the need is constant. 


OneBlood is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) community asset responsible for providing safe, available and affordable blood to more than 200 hospital partners and their patients throughout most of Florida, parts of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.  The OneBlood name is a constant reminder of the collective power we share to save another person’s life.

December 10 - 2016 Manatee & Two Rivers Camporee

The guidebook for the 2016 Manatee & Two Rivers Camporee is now available. There will be a Native American theme this year celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. Click Here, or on the image below, to view the guidebook and get your troop prepared.

2016 Manatee & Two Rivers Camporee

December 7 - Last chance to register for NYLT

Wednesday, December 9th is the last day to register for NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training). Don't wait another day. Make sure that you are sending at least one eligible youth from your troop.

December 4 - Broke Back Dog Challenge Postponed

Due to standing water in all campsites in camp, the Council has made the decision to postpone the Broke Back Dog Challenge to April 1-3, 2016. This was a difficult decision to make due to the popularity of the event but last night's rain storm rendered the property unusable for this weekend.

The new April date does have a few advantages; rain is no longer an issue and April is traditionally a slow program month for units.

The contact who registered your unit will receive a detailed e-mail in the coming days outlining the following options:

  1. Rolling over your fees and registration to the postponed date
  2. Instructions for processing a refund if your unit does not wish to attend the event April 1-3, 2016.

Yours in Scouting,
Steve Martin Chairman,
Broke Back Dog Challenge

November 26 - Give Thanks!

November 18 - Registration Deadline for Cub Scout Winterfest and the Broke Back Dog Challenge

The last day to register for Cub Scout Winterfest or the Broke Back Dog Challenge is tomorrow, November 19th.

Click Here to register for Cub Scout Winterfest at Camp Flying Eagle. Download Flyer! Cub Scouts, Webelos, siblings and parents are invited to attend.

Click Here to register for the Broke Back Dog Challenge at Camp Miles. Download the Challenge Guide! Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts, Venturers, siblings and parents are invited to attend.

November 5 - Roundtable Tonight!

Don't forget that our monthly Roundtable meeting is tonight at 7:00 pm at The Salvation Army - 5328 24th St. E., Bradenton. Come a few minutes early and introduce yourself to another scouter that you may have not met before... if there is one.

Cub Scout Leaders - Click Here for the December 2015 Pack Resource Sheet that Judy will talk about tonight.

October 29 - 2015 Haunted Hike at CFE THIS Weekend!

The Haunted Hike will be held this weekend. The online registration has closed, however, you may attend the event by contacting James Warrick at the phone number or e-mail address on the attached flyer.


Mark Rosasco
District Executive Manatee County

October 22 - 2015 Cub Scout Winterfest at CFE

Register Today at http://www.swflcouncilbsa.org/event/1801271.

October 19 - Celebration of Life for Meredith Lamb

Dear family, friends and acquaintances, plans has been finalized for Meredith's Celebration of Life memorial service.

Saturday, October 31st, there will be an open house at our house starring at noon till whenever. The address is 17819 Howling Wolf Run, Parrish, FL 34219. All are welcome to come visit, swap stories and socialize, food and beverages will be served.

Sunday, November 1st, the Celebration of Life memorial service will be officiated by Rev. Dana Narring at Mansion Memorial Park and Funeral Home, 1400 36th Ave E, Ellenton, FL 34222, starting 2:00 PM. There will be a fellowship immediately afterwards.

For those coming from out of the area, there are a variety of hotels in the area to stay at. Two recommendations that are close to the service and the house are:

Hampton Inn
5810 20th Ct E
Ellenton, FL 34222
Phone: (941) 721-4000

Sleep Inn
5605 18th St E
Ellenton, FL 34222
Phone: (941) 721-4933

I know Meredith would enjoy all the stories that will be shared this weekend of celebration of life. She loved listening and telling stories of the family and her adventures.

If there are any questions please feel free to contact me here or by phone.

Thank you all for all the well wishes, prayers and condolences over the past few weeks.

Yours in Scouting,
James Thielen | Council Commissioner
Southwest Florida Council, BSA

17819 Howling Wolf Run
Parrish, FL 34219-5010
P 941.776.9444 | M 941.730.6313 | F 941.776.9439

October 18 - Give back to the camp that gives so much to us.
October 11 - Jamboree on the Air this weekend!2015 Jamboree on the Air
October 1 - The Big Rock at Roundtable - Recharter!

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